Ransomes 24436 of 1912

Ransomes Sims & Jefferies No 24436
(Previously Owned and Restored by Us)

Manufactured in May 1912 as order number
H578, Ransomes Sims & Jefferies Class 7HND Single cylinder colonial traction engine (works number 24436) was dispatched to Tasmanian agent Duncan Loane. In Tasmania, she spent her working life on general agricultural duties, including road haulage, threshing, wood sawing etc.
Unfortunately, she managed to somehow break 2 gear teeth, which ended her working life. She was then left to rot in the Tasmanian bush for over 40 years.
Rescued by a local enthusiast, she was hauled out of the bush and taken to his yard with a collection of other engines, including an identical Ransomes. After a few years, an export permit was granted to allow the engine to return to the uk in 1999.

We purchased her and brought her back to her birth county of Suffolk. Over the next 10 years, we completely stripped her down, and replaced worn parts as necessary, which included:

Smokebox & Door
Chimney Base
Front tubeplate
Boiler Barrell
Bottom of throat plate
Bottom of Backhead
Crank Bearings
Connecting Rod & Bearings
Valve Gear
Rebuilt gears
Repaired Tender
Front Wheel bearings and built up front axle journals
All boiler fittings!
New winch wire (ex-Thursford)
New cladding sheets
New water pump innards and caps etc.
Not bad considering we did all that in our back garden!
 Under restoration in 2004.
 Strumpshaw Playpen 2010.

 New Connecting Rod!

 Chaff Cutting at Brampton Plough Day, 2010

 An original RS&J "Hire Purchase" plate, fixed to the back of the bunker

 Threshing at Weeting, 2010

24436 has now (September 2013) passed to a new owner. We hope she will give him as much enjoyment and pleasure as she has us over the last 14 years.